Assamica Teas was founded in 2010, with a range of just 4 tea blends – masala chai, fennel vanilla, chocolate orange, and lavender orange. Born after 5 months of ingredient sourcing, experimenting, and taste-testing hundreds of versions, they were our pride and joy!

We showed them off everywhere (farmer’s markets, retail stores, tea events, holiday gift boxes)…and we soon realized that the world of tea-lovers is way bigger than we imagined.

So we expanded our collection. We talked with local tea blenders, worked with tea importers, and learnt from fellow tea enthusiasts that had been tasting, collecting, and spreading their love of tea for far longer than us. And slowly, our treasure trove of teas grew: some we blended ourselves and others we acquired from local suppliers who source and pick their teas from the countries of origin (India, China, South Africa…).

Now we bring our collection to you, in hopes that you will discover and cultivate your own palate for tea.