February 4, 2022
Tea Mocktail - Raspberry Rose Rhapsody

A fun and light, sweet sparkling drink with homemade Raspberry and Rose Tea Syrup, a squeeze of lemon, plus white grape juice (or try it with gin & prosecco)! MAKES 2 SERVINGS INGREDIENTS I. FOR RASPBERRY ROSE TEA SYRUP: 4 oz water 4 oz rosewater 6 tbsp Raspberry Candy Rooibos Tisane (loose tea) 4 tbsp […]

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December 18, 2021
Tea Mocktail - Vanilla Amaretti White Chocotini

A creamy, decadent indulgence with vanilla & almond essence, white chocolate, and the warmth of eggnog (or Irish Cream)! MAKES 2 SERVINGS INGREDIENTS 8 oz water 3 tbsp Vanilla Amaretti Rooibos Tisane (loose tea) 4 oz eggnog, non-alcoholic ** ** To make it a cocktail: replace with 4oz of Irish Cream (eg Bailey's) 2 oz […]

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November 9, 2021
Tea Mocktail - Mulled Spritzer

A warm wintry punch, complete with mulled spices and fruits. Relax with this drink in front of a cozy fire and it will surely put you in a festive mood! MAKES 4 SERVINGS INGREDIENTS 24oz water ** ** To make it a cocktail: use 12oz water + 12oz red wine 2 tbsp Mulled Wine herbal […]

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