A mother & daughter's happy place.

Assamica Teas was founded in 2010 by a mother-daughter duo who love drinking tea! Natives of Assam, India, we were sorely disappointed with the watery Chai Lattes that were available in local cafes. This was the inspiration behind the creation of our very first tea blend, the Masala Chai. Creating a blend was so much fun, we didn't just stop at one! After 5 months of ingredient sourcing, experimenting, and taste-testing hundreds of versions, we had our 4 Originals - Masala Chai, Fennel Vanilla, Lavender Orange, and Chocolate Orange. They were our pride and joy! We showed them off everywhere (farmer's markets, retail stores, tea events, holiday gift boxes)...and then we soon realized that the world of tea lovers is way bigger than we imagined.

So we expanded our collection beyond just black tea and opened our Tea Lounge as a way to showcase all the new teas we were learning about! We talked with local tea blenders, worked with tea importers, and learnt from fellow tea enthusiasts that had been tasting, collecting, and spreading their love of tea for far longer than us. And slowly, our treasure trove of teas grew: some we blended ourselves and others we acquired from local suppliers who source and pick their teas directly from the countries of origin (India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, South Africa…).

At its heart, our company and our Tea Lounge is an embodiment of our philosophy that food & drink should not be an afterthought on-the-go, but a ritual meant to nourish and delight. Each of our products and the drinks we serve at our lounge are carefully made from-scratch using real ingredients, and our priorities have always been flavor & freshness.

The main characters of our story, mother and daughter continue to experiment, blend, whisk, simmer, brew at the Tea Lounge in Naperville. It has become our Happy Place - a place to unleash our creativities and ensure that anyone who walks in the door leaves delighted, with happy bellies and rested soul.
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